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A major pharmacy used my doctors license without my permission to create a prescription for a patient

The other day I was surprised to look in my fax machine and see a renewal prescription for me to sign (already filled out per usual with patient name, medication and dose, my information and license) for the cholesterol lowering drug Zocor (a statin).   I was a bit disappointed as few of my patients take these meds and choose to use non-prescription means (without the harms) to prevent cardiovascular disease.   

When a prescription renewal is faxed to me by a major pharmacy, it always means that the patient requested the drug renewal.    I pulled the patient's chart and saw that there was no history of any doctor prescribing a statin med for him.  I called him the next day and he confirmed this and after a phone call to the pharmacy we learned that pharmacies have joined the nationwide agenda to get every last American (so it seems) on a statin.   In this case, the patient's previous Rx for low dose Metformin (a diabetic med with proven anti-cancer properties) prompted the new medication Rx fax attempting to bypass the patient / physician relationship and requisite counseling, evaluation and informed consent.   You would think that drug companies would be satisfied with the myriad of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners writing continuous Rxs daily for statins, but now we have pharmacies with automated programs to fax doctors offices deceptive Rx renewal forms promoting more drug usage and sales claiming that they are looking out for our health and best interests.    

This case is an example of insurance companies working with drug companies to increase the 'quality of care' in the country by saturating every possible opportunity to Rx a medication that the medical community believes (based upon legendary marketing tactics) is more beneficial than harmful while ignoring the  protests of prominent scientists and researchers, injured patients and remaining 'blind' to the many alternative non-toxic treatments that exist).  

I have seen far too many of my patients harmed by statins, some in wheel chairs due to the muscle damage and others diagnosed with dementia from the brain toxicity, while their other doctors insist it is "not the statin".    Some of my greatest miracles in my practice come from stopping Rx meds, especially Statins!     

So if you are called by your pharmacy telling you that your doctor has a prescription waiting for you at the pharmacy, think again and always question any prescription a doctor gives you and educate yourself on side effects, bad press and other options.   

See link below regarding Pharmacists expecting to be both prescriber and dispenser.   


It appears that the drug companies rewrite medical ethics to promote the sales of the products and no one stands in their way.   The drug companies get more brazen every year and pay off and brainwash anyone who could stand in their way (example, the Flu Vaccine given at every grocery store pharmacy).     Since doctors rarely question the safety or effectiveness of the barrage of new drugs released in the US, I suppose there is no need for Rx's anyway.     So there may be no reason for the middle man; the physician.    

I believe that a medical degree prepares one to be a teacher and scholar who can critically look at the propaganda/ research / and marketing of big Pharma and protect and guide patients amidst the land mines of greed, scientific deception and corporate ambitions that have defined our healthcare system.  Few doctors achieve this ideal but follow orders like soldiers all marching in step.    In comparison, pharmacists are not trained to evaluate patients, and to guide them in their healing without bias in making choices regarding what medicines they need or don't need.    Pharmacists should not be practicing medicine, dispensing shots and "moving product" for drug manufacturers bypassing the educated, wise benevolent healer-physician (if such a person still exists.)

See the following links on statins.   These are many of the lecturers I've heard speak in person.   

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_miCHrRvPg   I heard Beatrice Golomb speak    She is an MD PhD and got her BS at age 19 with a 4.0 grade point.    



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZk4lEsU140   Dr Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones show


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHsog5lKg6Y   Dr Natasha McBride on Low Cholesterol is dangerous


http://www.cmaj.ca/content/188/5/325.short?rss=1&related-urls=yes&legid=cmaj;188/5/325    James Wright article.  


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