Lymphoma is a cancer involving the white blood cells that cause lymph nodes to enlarge.There are many categories of lymphoma; some are slow growing while others are fast.In addition to the conventional treatments prescribed, it is advisable to Integrate Alternative medicine or natural treatments and professional grade supplements.Below is a list of relevant anti-cancer supplements that would be taken in addition to prescription meds.A diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables, whole foods, and low in refined carbs and sugars is required for optimal cancer support outcome.Optimizing Vitamin D levels with the help of a doctor, supplementing with Melatonin, Selenium, Curcumin (turmeric), green superfoods, medicinal mushrooms are recommended by Alternative and Integrative Medical doctors.IV therapy with Vitamin C should be considered.Coenzyme Q10 can be necessary if a patient is on medications that are toxic to the heart muscle.Please seen a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Adrian for recommendations specific to your condition, including anti-cancer supplements.

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  1. 3-K Complete
  2. Ascorbic Acid
  3. Astaxanthin 10 mg
  4. Buffered C Powder
  5. CoQ10 200mg Chewable
  6. CoQ10 300mg Capsule
  7. CoQ10 600mg
  8. CoQ10 600mg Softgel
  9. Curcumin
  10. Detox Formula 120 caps
  11. Detox Formula 60 caps
  12. Detox Tea Bags
  13. DHEA 10mg
  14. DHEA 25mg
  15. DHEA 50 mg
  16. d-Lenolate
  17. Green Tea Extract
  18. Green Tea, Decaffeinated
  19. Greens+ Organic Superfood Raw
  20. Greens+ Organic Superfood Wild Berry
  21. Greens+ Original Superfood Capsules
  22. Immune Renew
  23. IP6 Gold Immune Support
  24. Just Barley
  25. K2 MK-7 D3
  26. Melatonin 20mg
  27. Myco-Immune
  28. NAC N-Acetylcysteine
  29. Olive Leaf Extract
  30. Ortho Biotic 100
  31. Ortho Biotic 30 Caps
  32. Ortho Biotic 60 caps
  33. Prescript-Assist
  34. PRObiotic 225
  35. Resveratrol
  36. Turmeric Organic 1lb bag
  37. Vitamin C with Flavonoids
  38. Vitamin D / K2 Liquid
  39. Vitamin D 10,000 IU
  40. Vitamin D 5,000 IU
  41. Vitamin D Liquid
  42. Vitamin D3 50,000 IU
  43. Vitamin E - UNIQUE E 180 caps
  44. Vitamin K2 Liquid
  45. Wheatgrass
  46. Wholemune