Back Pain

Among the most common maladies of mankind is Back Pain. Over time, the wear and tear of gravity on our spinal column and supporting connective tissues exceeds our ability to heal, maintain and regenerate it. Inflammation is the result of our body trying to heal and repair. Appropriate nutrients can help the body win this battle against time and gravity and decrease the inflammation and pain we all know and get us back to full function.

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Resource Library


  1. Anxiety NatRelief
  3. Ascorbic Acid
  4. BioCell Collagen II
  5. Borage Oil
  6. Buffered C 1,000
  7. Buffered C Powder
  8. CBD Oil 1000mg
  9. CBD Oil 1500mg
  10. CBD Oil 3000mg
  11. CBD Oil 500mg
  12. Collagen Powder I & III
  13. Curcumin
  14. DMSO
  15. Fish Oil 2600 Liquid
  16. Ginger Root 100 caps
  17. Ginger Root Powder Organic 1LB
  18. Glucosamine Sulfate
  19. Inflameric
  20. Magnesium (Glycinate / Malate)
  21. Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder
  22. Magnesium CitraMate
  23. MYO-MAG
  24. Orthomega Fish Oil Capsules 820
  25. Phytoprofen
  26. Protosorb Magnesium
  27. Reacted Magnesium
  28. Silica
  29. Tiger Balm Muscle Rub
  30. Ultra Pure Fish Oil 800
  31. Vitamin C with Flavonoids