Shear Miracle

Shear Miracle Organics uses only the purest ingredients available to achieve a professional salon result. It is our promise to never sacrifice either professional quality or organic purity. We truly came to believe in how essential pure products really are when we learned that our skin, the body's largest organ, absorbs up to 70% of what is put on it. Because of this, Shear Miracle Organics products contain only ingredients which are proven to be beneficial to both hair and body. In fact, all of our products are VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, GMO-FREE, ALL ORGANIC and Peta and Leaping Bunny CRUELTY-FREE Certified. In our opinion for a product to be truly "organic," it needs to be made with only 100% certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients.

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  1. Anti Aging Organic Facial Cleanser
  2. Anti Aging Organic Facial Hydrator
  3. Anti Aging Organic Facial Moisturizer
  4. Baby Organic Diaper Rash Ointment
  5. Blow Up the Volume Organic Foam
  6. Clear Skin Organic Facial Cleanser
  7. Clear Skin Organic Moisturizer
  8. Hair Conditioner for Color Treated Hair
  9. Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair
  10. Hair Conditioner for Volume
  11. Men's Organic Aftershave
  12. Men's Organic Shampoo / Shower Gel Combo
  13. Mineral Blush - Rose
  14. Organic Body Butter Lavender
  15. Organic Body Butter Orange Ylang
  16. Organic Body Lotion Orange
  17. Organic Hairspray Firm Hold
  18. Organic Hairspray Medium Hold
  19. Organic Lipstick - Goji Berry
  20. Organic Makeup Bronzer
  21. Personal Lubricant - Organic Almond
  22. Shampoo & Conditioner for Color Treated Hair
  23. Shampoo & Conditioner for Damaged Hair
  24. Shampoo & Conditioner for Volume
  25. Shampoo for Color Treated Hair
  26. Shampoo for Damaged Hair
  27. Shampoo for Volume