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Dr. Adrian's

Biest Bio Identical Hormone

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This product is for patients only and requires a prescription.

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Dr. Hohenwarter has been prescribing 'bio-identical hormones' since 1996. After years of experience with various commercially available and compounded forms of hormones, Dr. Adrian began compounding hormones for his own patients using the same quality of raw material used by any compounding pharmacy. He currently is using what he has found to be the most reliable mode of delivery which is applied to the skin transdermal. You just rub your prescribed dose on your thigh or stomach.

2 OZ Liquid
NEW 190 proof pure ORGANIC ethanol solution

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Patients are required by law to follow up for an appointment every 12 months or as directed by their doctor.
Dr. Hohenwarter offers Biest (E2 and E3) gels/ topical ethanol solutions. Weak and gentle estriol (E3) is not necessary for the benefits of estrogen replacement but may decrease cancer risk less than placebo. Estradiol (E2), the strongest of the three and the one responsible for all of the proven benefits of HRT is in Biest or compounded singly. E2 is metabolized (broken down) via a pathway that makes Estriol so women will still have Estriol with Estradiol alone therapy. Higher levels of E3 have been shown in studies to be protective against breast cancer. You will be taught about how nutrients, foods, and herbs can influence estrogen metabolism so as to decrease the risk of cancer.
During perimenopause and menopause, women's estrogen levels drop as their ovaries age making bio-identical hormone replacement necessary to maintain optimal health.


Know what symptoms to look for!

For much of your life, estrogen fluctuates up and down. This occurs within the monthly cycle and also within the general framework of a lifetime. The degree and pattern of fluctuations are totally unique to you. So, too, are the ways your body reacts to the episodes of deficiencies and excesses created by the fluctuations. Deficiency-related responses are much more common then responses resulting from excess. Following are symptoms of both deficiency and excess, along with typical comments from my patients.


Common Signs of Estrogen Deficiency



  • Mental fogginess
  • Forgetfulness
  • Depression
  • Minor anxiety
  • Mood change
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Temperature swings
  • Day-long fatigue
  • Reduced stamina
  • Decreased sense of sexuality and sensuality
  • Lessened self image and attention to appearance
  • Dry eyes, skin, and vagina
  • Loss of skin radiance
  • Sense of normalcy only during second week of cycle
  • Sagging breasts and loss of fullness
  • Pain with sexual activity
  • Weight gain, with increasing lack of concern about it
  • Increased back and joint pain
  • Episodes of rapid heartbeat, with or without anxiety
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
Some of the above reactions occur nearly simultaneously whenever the level of estrogen falls. Most notable are hot flashes, inability to sleep, mental fogginess, and emotional instability. The surprising news is that the symptoms improve very quickly as well, often within a half hour to an hour and a half after giving the body what it is missing: estrogen.
Common Signs of Excess Estrogen
  • Breast tenderness or pain, occurring mainly in the central area, including the nipple
  • Increase in breast size EX. swollen breasts
  • Water retention EX. swollen fingers and legs
  • Headaches
  • Weight Gain
  • Impatient, snappy behavior, but with clear mind
  • Pelvic cramps with or without uterine bleeding
  • Nausea (less frequently)


Use as directed by Dr. Hohenwarter


Prescription only.

Proprietary formula.
Dr. Adrian began compounding hormones for his own patients using the same quality of raw material used by any compounding pharmacy. He currently is using what he has found to be the most reliable mode of delivery which is a 190 proof pure ORGANIC?ethanol solution which is applied to the skin (transdermal). Transdermal medications bypass the liver thereby increasing their potency and reducing the workload on the liver's detox pathways. Note that a gel is an alcohol solution that is then thickened using a powder of wood cellulose.This cellulose decreases the absorption leaving a powder of hormone and cellulose on the skin. Most pharmacies that make gels use a denatured toxic smelling alcohol.The ethanol used here is equivalent to grain alcohol.There is no perceptible residue left on the skin.

Estrogen replacement is not recommended in women with a history of the following conditions: breast or uterine cancer, phlebitis and blood clots, gall bladder disease, uterine fibroma, and liver disease.


SIDE EFFECTS may include, but are not limited to:

  • increased body fat,
  • fluid retention,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • depression,
  • headaches,
  • impaired glucose tolerance,
  • aggravation of migraines



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