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Shear Miracle

Men's Organic Aftershave

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Pure & Simple the aroma of exotic sandalwood fills the air as this hydrating aftershave tightens your pores while it calms, balances & hydrates your skin.

  • all organic
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • non GMO


4 OZ.

$17.99 List Price

$14.00 Online Price


This aftershave has many anti-bacterial benefits & can keep your skin from breaking out & keep it looking young!

Spray directly onto face after cleansing OR shaving. May also be used in place of cologne.


  • Structured vitamin water
  • certified organic aloe vera
  • organic blueberry extract
  • organic black currant extract
  • organic beet root extract
  • kham thai seed extract
  • certified organic plant source xanthan gum
  • coenzyme coQ10
  • natural vitamins E, C, B2 and A
  • organic essential oil of: sandalwood

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Schedule an appointment CALL : 717.832.5993

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