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Shear Miracle
Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Tuff n' Up

ORGANIC Conditioner

Revitalizes, rebuilds & restores dry, brittle and damaged hair.? Transform fine, flat, lifeless hair into thick and voluminous hair with extra body without the worry of stripping your natural or treated hair color.

  • strengthens Weak Hair
  • strengthens Damaged Hair
  • safe for thinning hair
  • all organic or wild-crafted ingredients
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • non GMO
  • CRUELTY-FREE Certified


8 OZ.

$24.99 List Price

$19.00 Online Price


Say good-bye to thinning hair. From the moment this nutrient rich conditioner hits your scalp, you will begin to revitalize, rebuild, and restore dry, brittle, & damaged hair, putting you directly on the path towards hair that is vibrant, shiny, & smooth, all the while keeping your hair color rich & vibrant. This is a perfect shampoo for anyone who wants to get their hair in it's best condition.

This power packed hemp protein conditioner will begin to rebuild your damaged hair making it a perfect choice for use after perming or coloring services. Also an excellent home maintenance providing continuous protection from further damage, adding shine and improving texture.

Designed to use with Tuff'N Up Shampoo.

Our philosophy is simple, Shear Miracle Organics uses only the purest ingredients available to achieve a professional salon result. It is our promise to never sacrifice either professional quality or organic purity. We truly came to believe in how essential pure products really are when we learned that our skin, the body's largest organ, absorbs up to 70% of what is put on it. Because of this, Shear Miracle Organics products contain only ingredients which are proven to be beneficial to both hair and body. In fact, all of our products are VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, GMO-FREE, ALL ORGANIC and Peta and Leaping Bunny CRUELTY-FREE Certified.? In our opinion for a product to be truly "organic," it needs to be made with only 100% certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients.

Before opening bottle, shake well. Apply a small amount and massage conditioner through to your ends. Rinse well. Designed to go together with Tuff'N Up Shampoo.


  • Structured Vitamin Water Concentrate
  • organic shea butter
  • organic oils of: coconut, meadowfoam, olive and hempseed
  • organic herbal extracts of: rosemary, burdock, horsetail, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender, peppermint, goldenseal, cinnamon, lemon peel and cottonwood
  • Natural plant sourced vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B3
  • plant sourced kosher vegan xanthan gum & potassium sorbate
  • may contain organic vinegar
  • organic essential oils of: orange and vanilla bean

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